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2021 May 10

Lithuanian company trading in used car parts – among top eBay sellers on global scale

Three years ago, the team of the online store RRR.lt realized that business of used car parts can and needs to be developed outside Lithuania and decided to use eBay online sales platform for their activities. After having started everything from scratch, the team has grown its business to the level where more than 1,000,000 used car parts are sold online on the said trading platform, and are being bought by people from all over the world. Today, in the ranking of sellers eBay online sales company ranks among the most successful businesses, and, in recent years, business on the eBay platform grew 116%.

“When we started trading in car parts with foreign countries online, it was a dream of all participants in this market in Lithuania. Everyone wanted to work vis eBay, but many traders did not know how to do that and where to start. And those who tried to work via eBay, very quickly opted out this opportunity. Why? Small businesses usually do not have much technological knowledge, and members of their team often do not speak English. This is exactly where we saw an opportunity and, today, we have a network of 120 suppliers and we sell used car parts supplied by them via the channel boxter7428 that we have on eBay, and in this way we grow our own and their businesses”, – says Kęstutis Bruzgis, the Development Manager at UAB Ovoko that operates the platform RRR.lt.

According to the interviewer, Lithuania is a small country and, therefore, eBay is one of the best opportunities to reach the markets worldwide without investing a lot and thus grow own business.

The online sales platform helped grow the business

Today, the e-commerce company trades in used car parts in Lithuania and about 60% of the overall activities of the company are aimed at foreign markets – mainly the United Kingdom and France. However, there are also buyers from the United States, African countries. The goods reach the buyers from these countries namely via eBay.

Having started trading online, at the beginning the company secured about 50% of the overall business via eBay – thanks to eBay, which is the giant of e-commerce, this Lithuanian company managed to launch its business in foreign markets so successfully.

When we started the business, the online platform RRR.lt, that we have created, was not as strong as it is now. That’s why eBay was the main trading channel. This platform helped us strengthen our existing sales channel, to “start” the business, attract more suppliers and buyers from all over the world, and, in recent years, sales on eBay grew 116%.

Ability to hear partners and buyers is paramount

We have developed the process management system in which we have integrated eBay services. Through this system, suppliers provide us with all information about and photos of the car parts for sale. They store their goods in their warehouses, and we, after having verified everything, upload the information on eBay, take care of the sales process and shipping of goods. Ability to listen, hear and make appropriate decisions is paramount element of our work. We always ask our suppliers how we could improve the existing process management system; we respond and make changes. Hearing the buyers, reading their feedback, providing them with all necessary assistance, and answering their questions are also crucial in working on eBay. For this purpose, we hire people not only from Lithuania so that we could respond very quickly to requests from customers in other time zones. This is a big part of success in international online business”, – tells the representative of the company.

Today, the company employs 45 persons, and 6 of them are dedicated for work with eBay: “We are constantly and intensively looking for experienced programmers”, – says Kęstutis Bruzgis.

It is important understand how eBay works

According to Agnius Skudutis, who is responsible for eBay development on the platform RRR.lt, there are few essentials that need to be taken into consideration when starting trading on eBay. It is essential to have a very good understanding of your product because only then you can know what buyers are looking for, what information they have to be provided with, which photos are important for them. Our team members have been interested in cars from an early age, we have very good knowledge in this field. Therefore, we lacked neither energy nor devotion. There were times when we worked until late in order to achieve what we have set for ourselves as a goal. I can safely say that what we have achieved today is not the fruit of success – it is a result of maximum involvement, efforts and teamwork”, – says Agnius Skudutis.

According to him, when trading on eBay, it is also very important to work with available information, to draw conclusions and make decisions on the basis thereof. In addition, it is also important to have a good understanding of the rules of the online sales platform itself: “There is a reason for everything what eBay does. You just have to understand those reasons. If, for example, at the beginning you are not permitted to upload many products on the platform, there is a reason for that – you have to prove that you can sell more and then this door will be open for you. My advice to those who want to trade on eBay: start with small steps and gradually grow your business, because you have to be patient here, you have set goals for yourself and patiently pursue them”, – says A. Skudutis.

eBay hosts an online seminar for traders from Lithuania

According to the representatives of eBay, the company itself makes a lot of effort in order to help even the smallest businesses to grow if it sees that those businesses are moving fast forward. eBay not only helps traders by giving answers to their questions and by solving the existing problems. “It is gratifying that, even in such small countries as Lithuania, you can communicate directly with individuals who hold senior positions in the company of this online platform. For example, on 27 May, the eBay team will hold a webinar dedicated to the Lithuanian market. During this webinar, the participants will be given advice and the existing business support programs will be discussed”.

The webinar will be held online. During the webinar, Ilya Kretov, Head of Emerging Markets, and Daniel Biran, Head of Emerging Markets Business Development, will tell the participants about the most relevant news of the platform, will introduce the business growth programs dedicated for the Lithuanian market, will share insights and tips with those seeking to grow their business via eBay. In addition, during the webinar, the participants also will be able to hear the stories of the country’s most successful sellers who trade on eBay, which will reveal which aspects are the most important in growing a business via this online sales platform.

“Today, we have a lot of development-related plans – we want to double our channel on eBay, expand into other markets, and, of cause, we want to be the leading Lithuanian trader on eBay platform”, – Kęstutis Bruzgis ends the interview smiling.

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